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What makes bread good?

I’m a snob. A bread snob, that is.  I won’t let bad bread enter my house.  I feel as if it is a food only to be eaten if it is worthy of enraptured lovers falling at its crusty feet proclaiming heartfelt sonnets.  I don’t often like to slather my bread in condiments, or dip […]

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The Hunt for Edible Things in the Cowfield

The field around my house Yesterday, I was de-rooting some barbaboch (an Italian grass-like herb that I have recently become addicted to) in the back yard when my upstairs neighbor Betti starts asking me what I am doing.  She is a spunky lady who is probably in her early sixties, and as of this week […]

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Operation Cheese Making Part Something: I AM A CHEESE MAKING APPRENTINCE!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about my cheese adventures.  Ricotta salata, ricotta, queso blanco, panir, and cottage cheese have become a nearly daily operation, so that’s quite good. However, it all changed today.  As of today, I am a cheese apprentice, at La Chevre Heureuse.  It is a young couple who owns a […]

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Operation: Cheese Making Part III

In addition to making those other tasty cheeses in previous posts (especially queso fresco…mmmm!), I’ve been working on two new cheeses! Cheese #7: Molded Cheese Rounds This is basically a farmer-style cheese, made into to little rounds.  Before trying them, I thought ‘TOMINI!’, but alas they were only tomini in form, although they were still […]

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Operation: Cheese Making Part II… Mozzerella, Ricotta, & Seras

And the cheese making adventures continue! On to ‘real’ cheeses… that is to say, those that involve more than separating curds from whey and squishing the curds together. Only slightly more involved, and way more fun. Cheese #4: Mozzerella Now, there are 2 different main ways to making mozzerella; one way takes two days, and […]

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Operation: Cheese Making

I’ve had a dream for as long as I can remember; one of those kinds of dreams that you never think will actually happen, and you tuck in a box under your bed, but you keep harboring a distant hope that one day maybe it’ll happen. I realized that waiting around and hoping doesn’t do […]

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Quart Cheese Festival

It is high time I wrote about the Quart Cheese Festival! It is always the same day every year, August 14, conveniently timed to be the day before day of national holiday, so that all participants can recover from their overdose of cheese and indulgence of wine. It is in the Alpine village of Quart […]

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A summary of my culinary adventures of the past month

My mom, Barbara Swell, was teaching a week long cooking class at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Western NC. She was teaching her class about the similarities in the food cooked in the Alpine regions of Italy and in WNC (lucky for her, she’s been able to learn a lot about Alpine food […]

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