War Cheese

Last weekend I was selling my soaps and other body care products at a lovely market in Bard, which is an ancient village at the foot of an enormous fort.  The very fort that Carlo Tassi (of the wonderfully weird scrap metal museum) claims his mother was born in.  It is a magical village where […]

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Italians and their relationship with food

After a fun trip to the US, we were gathering the bounty of our weedy garden, and set to cooking. We were eating a garden salad, roasted rainbow chard, polenta crusted baby zucchini, and homemade fig gelato, when my very Italian husband had himself a bit of an epiphany regarding the important difference between Italians […]

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Black Polenta Squares with Gorgonzola and Caramelized Onions

This week we held our rustic fire roasted polenta gathering class here in Asheville, North Carolina at the Log Cabin Cooking School, and it was a blast and a hoot all rolled together. We fired up the camp fire and hauled a relatively lightweight little wood cookstove from the 1800’s out there, too.  We ate  […]

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Rustic Fire Roasted Polenta Gathering in Asheville and Grumpy Farmer Polenta!

Today we are heading off on a marvelous journey…. to my Appalachian hometown of Asheville, North Carolina!  I have a suitcase  filled with Fontina cheese and colorful stone ground heirloom polentas.  Speaking of polenta, I found an incredibly cool polenta this week, which I have dubbed grumpy farmer polenta. The dairy farmers around here are […]

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My Friendly Neighborhood Goat Battle

Last Sunday I went to my friendly neighborhood goat battle. About a kilometer down the road, there is a ‘campo sportivo’, which is a big grassy field with a track around it.  I often go running there, it is fabulous.  It is also the location for occasional festivals, parties, and barnyard battles.  I’ve written about […]

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Strawberry, Mint & Black Pepper Jam

Last year I made too much  jam. How much is too much jam, you ask?  Well, I have 6 fruit trees that had a very good year (3 plum, 1 cherry, 2 pear), I liberated some seemingly abandoned trees of their fruit, and I bought that which I could not grow or find.  We were […]

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Have some sausage: polenta con salsiccia

Where I live in Valle d’Aosta, Italy, polenta con salsiccia is the ‘go-to’ way of preparing polenta.  It is basically Italian sausage cooked in a tomato sauce and eaten with polenta.  This dish is good, I mean really good.  Good enough that I’ve been sneaking occasional bites of it, and I’ve been a strict vegetarian […]

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Polenta: The Day After

If you are like me, you always make far too much polenta.  The bag of polenta meal seems so small, and it can’t possibly be enough to feed everyone, right? Ok, I’ll add just a little bit more. Wrong. That little bag of polenta can feed 10 people.  Which means I still have enough polenta […]

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Polenta Ostenga con Gamberetti… Italian Shrimp & Grits!

I wrote my last post, declaring my love affair with spring, a mite too soon.  Yesterday I woke up to a snow storm.  Needless to say, it made me quite disgruntled. In need of something to warm ourselves up from the unexpected winter blast, we held an impromptu polenta party last night.   There is nothing […]

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Spring in the Alps and a Tasty Springtime Snack!

Oh, I love spring!  Winter in the Alps is hard, long, and cold.  This week winter has officially come to an end.  Yes, I know that for the rest of the northern hemisphere it ended nearly a month ago, but in my neck of the woods official dates regarding seasons don’t mean much.  This week […]

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