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Operation Cheese Making Part Something: I AM A CHEESE MAKING APPRENTINCE!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about my cheese adventures.  Ricotta salata, ricotta, queso blanco, panir, and cottage cheese have become a nearly daily operation, so that’s quite good. However, it all changed today.  As of today, I am a cheese apprentice, at La Chevre Heureuse.  It is a young couple who owns a […]

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Operation: Cheese Making Part II… Mozzerella, Ricotta, & Seras

And the cheese making adventures continue! On to ‘real’ cheeses… that is to say, those that involve more than separating curds from whey and squishing the curds together. Only slightly more involved, and way more fun. Cheese #4: Mozzerella Now, there are 2 different main ways to making mozzerella; one way takes two days, and […]

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Operation: Cheese Making

I’ve had a dream for as long as I can remember; one of those kinds of dreams that you never think will actually happen, and you tuck in a box under your bed, but you keep harboring a distant hope that one day maybe it’ll happen. I realized that waiting around and hoping doesn’t do […]

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