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Wine, Music, and Cheese IN A CAVE

This is my Italy.  Music & wine in strange locations.   There is a fabulous thing in Italy, really and truly magnificent.  It’s called ‘Cantine Aperte.’  It translates into English as ‘open cantine.’  Generally, you pay a small amount as entrance (5-8 euros, depending on the event), they give you a glass, and you get […]

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My Second Winter: Musings about living here for more than a year

I’ve now been living in Italy for about 14 months… and I have to say that the reality of living here is different than I expected.  Some things are better, some are worse.  Some just, well, different.  I’m finding that I am much more homesick that I expected.  I have lived all over the place, […]

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Quart Cheese Festival

It is high time I wrote about the Quart Cheese Festival! It is always the same day every year, August 14, conveniently timed to be the day before day of national holiday, so that all participants can recover from their overdose of cheese and indulgence of wine. It is in the Alpine village of Quart […]

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Those hands!

I’m not generally a person to notice hands. They are useful tools, and the opposable thumb helped humans to get us to where we are. If I want to look at the aspects of someone with respect to how they communicate, I look at their face. Their eyes, their mouth, eyebrows, if they wrinkle their […]

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Appalachia in the Alps

‘Baby girl, don’t worry, we are going home,’ I whispered to Genepy, the bunny. You see, I was driving the car on the second most curvy road in the mountainous region where I live, Valle d’Aosta. Which means that it is so curvy that when you come around the bend you just about run into […]

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An encounter with a little boy and an empty cage

I just finished work after a long week, and had walked to the pet store to buy a carrier for the bunny Genepy, so that she is more easily portable. I was walking back across town when I was stopped by someone. A very young, waist high someone who came in the form of a […]

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Glaciers and Druids and Fiddles, oh my!

It has been an unusually long time since I posted. But, there is much to be caught up on, and I intend on having more adventures soon, so there will be even more to write in the future! These months have been insane; started my job (finally), wedding planning, lots of guests, gettin’ hitched, hospitalized, […]

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The Prosecco Ladies

As per usual, I haven’t been keeping up with this thing. There are a number of exciting adventures to write about but lets just skip to the most recent one. My mom just dubbed them the ‘Prosecco Ladies.’ We are in the middle of wedding planning. No, not the middle. Approaching the finish line, at […]

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A Friday Night Out

A summary of tonight: Traditional music session in a small village. In a room above the library. Beer in plastic cups and ten musicians playing music from ten different countries. I got my permisso di soggiorno today, which means I am OFFICIALLY a legal and able to work and such resident of Italy and Aosta. […]

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A summary of my culinary adventures of the past month

My mom, Barbara Swell, was teaching a week long cooking class at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Western NC. She was teaching her class about the similarities in the food cooked in the Alpine regions of Italy and in WNC (lucky for her, she’s been able to learn a lot about Alpine food […]

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